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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adjustable front and rear Upper Arm

Hi there,
After a while with Tein HA and so much body work done. I decide to lower the car height a bit and due to that it causes my cambers to push my tires out and my tires worn out on the inside very fast. Search over the net a found a supplier who can provide the aftermarket adjustable upper arms. It's universal actually and I had it install to over come my camber issue.

 Rear Camber kit

It's perfect after all old bushing replaced, adjustable arm installed. My ride become smooths again. Best of all I had run on proper racing track and it never fail to excites me!

Titanium Grey and Tanabe Hyper Medallion Installed

It's almost 2 year since my last blog update ...

Had my car painted Titanium grey and changed my windscreen.
Here are some teaser for your eyes, enjoy ...

My ears was disturb by the squishing sound from the back of the car, so decided to do all bushing change.

The HKS make a lot of noise, So I had it changed to Tanabe Hyper Medallion as it's more harmonize sound and performance as well.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Valve cover

Recently joined my pals to do some D.I.Y jobs ... here they are:

Tearing the old paint using paint remover 

Use the scrapper just for those stubborn paints only, not all surface! 
 And did on mine also laa ...

  Can see the paint damaged on it's own, so no need to scratch actually.
Tools used: soft rug/clean cloth, used tooth brush and scrapper.
 After 20-30 minutes, clean up with running water and here how it looks: 
 Some sanding done to smooth the surface (use fine grid that you feel suitable)
 Ok, before performing the spray paint. Close all holes and gaps with anything you can think of. Me, I just use plain multi-purpose 'old news papers'.

Here are the best part, using special ingredient magic portion ... spray this to the valve cover ...
 Another angle
 Wait for 3-4 hours under direct sunlight or if you have room oven even better. This is to secure and lock the powder coated paint onto your valve cover.

Then choose the weapon you like, me, I choose violet blue.

Notice the difference?

left: B16B valve cover and right: F20B valve cover. Same color but different layers of paint. 

An yeah, I know I didn't skim the DOHC VTEC writing yet. Coz it's still not fully lock to the valve cover even you can feel it dries.

That's all folks, it took me 8 hours and only cost around RM100 to do it yourself.

Can find more articles on "How Do They Do it?"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

S84 Exterior converts to CF6 Accord wagon front facelift

Have you ever envy to those nice cars?I mean those normal cars were "pimped" and modified to a fears-looks with average modified. Not those for auto show cars. I definitely don't want to ride in one of that. Here are some stock light modified Accord CG/CFs with Mugen body kits

Day by day, my car looks damn dull!!! ... So, what if I injected some "sunshine" to my car?.

In the picture, can see the CF4 fog lamp with the original casing being customize to fit my huge S84.

Actually planned to get my car converted to Euro-R the moment I receive the key from previous owner ... having though that it might just plug and play but actually it's not. Recommended by one of Accord member, bough the CF6 Accord wagon facelift

and left the car for 3 days ... just cant wait to see the results

Try and error method:

Some cutting required:
In order to fix the fender, have to sacrifice half my original S84 fenders. To be mixed with another half of the CF6 fenders.

After surgery, here are some results after 3 days ...  

Can spot the not?

Need to lower some more my adjustable 

Some picture of S84 taken from Thailand Accord Club

Look flawless ... 

Nice Accord CG boot with year 2001 tail light and CF4 stock spoiler. It will look more fierce if fit with CF4 modulo spoiler ( one with both side green top light)